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“If you’re a self-starter, have a desire for more than a corporate career, crave personal development and learning and want to make a difference to each and every business you work with - then our franchise offering could be for you. Joining our franchise will super-charge your opportunities and maximise your potential and earning capabilities. In a changing world, now is the time to release the shackles and make your mark. We’re here to empower you do this. With a supportive, progressive community and the best tools, insights and shared experiences that will guarantee your success. You’ve got this. Let’s go.”

James Fleming
Founder, Brave

James Fleming, Brave

Why choose the franchise route

Established community.

Some professionals want to set everything up and have their own brand. We applaud this. Others want to join a community that has a proven successful method and an established brand to help them lessen the risk of self-employment.

Higher success rates.

Natwest bank regularly conduct surveys on the state of British businesses. In a recent survey of franchises they found that 90% were profitable. This compares to two-thirds of non-franchise start- ups failing in their first five years.

Essential support.

We know that running a business is lonely. When you work as part of the Brave community you’ll have access to colleagues from across the UK who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. You’ll also have expertise on tap from the central team. You won’t be alone. Ever.

Brave People - Team

Why choose Brave? Through our lived experience of setting up and developing Brave, we have a package of everything we wish we had access to from the get-go. From developing your HR, Resourcing and Coaching skills, building sales, marketing, running a business, managing cash-flow, accountancy and building a high performing team. We have been where you are and will be with you every step of the way on your journey to success.

Want to know more?

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, then please complete the form and we will send you an email with our free information guide to outline everything you need to know to help you take this next step.