Growth and expansion of an ambitious technology business through HR, Resourcing and Coaching support.

We empowered VoCoVo to grow from an Oxfordshire based business with 40 employees to an international business with over 70 employees in the UK, USA and Europe by enabling them to recruit, motivate and retain the very best people. Our hands-on, insightful approach, combined with our commercial mindset and big-picture thinking meant we were the perfect partner for VoCoVo as they looked to realise their ambitious growth potential. We worked in partnership with VoCoVo to build a scalable structure that enabled them to expand internally with highly capable leaders in place who could drive performance through their teams.

VoCoVo’s ambitious growth plans meant they had high growth aspirations but no clearly defined view on the right organisational structure that would deliver their business targets. They were experiencing high costs to hire but had no documented recruitment process and this was impacting their recruitment function. And although they had very capable leaders they were very keen to invest in them further to ensure they reached their full potential.

We worked in partnership with the executive team to build an organisational workforce place that highlighted the roles they would need, where they would be based and when they would be required. This enabled VoCoVo to more effectively plan their recruitment activity, empowering them to proactively target the candidates they wanted in a cost-effective and timely way. It also gave organisational clarity on who reported to who and enabled them to get the right people, in the right roles, doing the right things.

We recognised that goal-setting, giving feedback and planning for performance development would be critical VoCoVo’s success. With this in mind we built them a
Performance Management Framework and Leadership Coaching Programme that equipped their management teams to create a winning performance culture.

The breadth of our team meant we were able to provide VoCoVo with a white-labelled, outsourced Recruitment function which build talent pools proactively, recruited roles on a international basis and provided in-depth executive assessment which enabled them to significantly reduce their cost per hire and grow sustainably.

Recognised as being in the Top 100 SMEs to work for, achieved international growth, significantly reduced cost per hire.